How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back After No Contact

Need Help Getting Your Girlfriend Back After No Contact? Here’s How With Different Strategies Based On Time Duration

There’s an old saying that every relationship has an expiration date, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Most relationships fall apart because one side or the other doesn’t feel like they’re getting what they need or getting it how they need it from the other side.  In either case, relationships can be repaired. You just need an effective strategy in order to do this. Guys that want to get their girlfriends back know it can be hard because most of the time there is no contact. First we have to understand why there is no contact after a breakup. Here are a few simple reasons:

  • One or both sides are still very mad at each other and neither wants to relent because they feel it will make them look weak. “I don’t want to appear like I care more than they do”, is the thought process here.
  • One person or the other is fearful of what might be said with contact. “I might get asked questions, be accused of things, or get verbally attacked a certain way”, is the thought process here.
  • Needing some time to simmer down. This is when one or both people need time to cool off. This happens when a breakup was especially nasty and hurtful things were said in the process. A cooling off period is necessary.
  • Wanting the other person to experience hurt. This is where one or both people feel like they are hurting the other by not contacting them. The goal here is to make the other person think that you can drop them easily and move on like they never mattered.


There are several more reasons, but we’ll stick with these main one. Guys that want to get their girlfriends back after not having contact with them for a while need to be very strategic in their approach. It can be done. Following are effective plans of action you can use, based on how long you’ve been out of contact with your girlfriend that can really work if you’re serious about implementing them.

Let’s get started.

What to do if you’ve been out of contact with your girlfriend for a period of two weeks or less

Understand that during this period emotions are still going to be running high. This is probably the rawest your girlfriend is going to be in terms of emotions. So you’ll need to proceed very carefully here.

Step 1-Review everything that was said during the breakup and be ready to swallow your pride.

Chances are you said some things or something was said to you that you responded to the wrong way, because as a guy there tends to be a lot of pride involved. As mentioned before, emotions are probably still running high on her side whether it was a nasty breakup or not. The first goal has to be swallowing your pride. This means attempting to contact her first.

During the first two weeks or less she probably hasn’t erased your information out of her phone yet. So you can try texting her and apologizing for what you said, especially if you know you said something that was extra hurtful or did something that was extra hurtful. You have to assume she wants you to feel more pain or understand how she feels. So you have to take an emotional beating here.

Don’t worry if she won’t answer your texts. The goal is for her to get your message. You can use social media if you need to, but not in a way where you come off stalkerish. You certainly don’t want to call her on the phone. She won’t answer.

Step 2-Be willing to take small wins no matter how you get them

If it’s been two weeks or less with no contact with the girl you’re trying to get back, then you have to look at any contact from her as a good thing. Even if it’s her calling/texting to curse you out. Any emotion from her is a good thing towards you because it shows she still cares enough to have this emotion towards you.

Move slow. Focus on getting her to do things that don’t require much of her. If you’ve only been out of contact for two weeks or less, then you need to do something that’s not going to make her think of the negative. Maybe you just text back and forth or communicate through mutual friends for a while. Maybe you make some gesture she’s not used to in order to show her that the relationship is worth repairing.

Girls want guys who are willing to fight for them, and as mentioned before the first two weeks or less is going to be the most emotionally raw a girl is going to feel about a relationship ending. This is whether she ended it or you did. She might try to test you (by being difficult, attacking you verbally, openly disrespecting you) all as a means of seeing just how badly you want to fight to repair the relationship. You’ll need to be strong here and not take whatever wins you can get.

Step 3-Throw you know what at the wall and see what sticks

If you establish contact with your girlfriend, meaning she contacted you back in some way, then you need to leverage the hell out of whatever response you get. Try to do anything that will require her to invest some type of time or energy into you. It can be something as small as going to Starbucks for a drink or to a trendy restaurant both of you like. The goal is to get your former girlfriend to trust feel good around you again.

You have to focus on slowly building those feelings back up. Two weeks of no contact isn’t that big of a deal. It gets harder the longer there’s been no contact. The truth is the first two weeks or less is probably your best chance to save a relationship after no contact.


What to do to get your girlfriend back after no contact for a period of up to one month

If it’s been a month that you’ve been out of contact with your former girlfriend. Then you need to stop and consider what might have taken place in this time. If she didn’t respond to your attempts to text/call her in this time period, then you need to resort to another strategy. At this point your greatest weapon is going to be the mutual friends both of you have whether it’s by means of social media or in person. Chances are all of her friends don’t hate you just yet. So you need to leverage these relationships.

Step 1-Use mutual friends in order to gather information about her and what she’s doing

Don’t look at this as a bad thing. You asking mutual friends what your former girlfriend is doing is a way of showing that you still care. You have to convince a girl that you care about how she feels, feels, feels. The goal is to find a friend who doesn’t see you as an enemy now and feels like it would be betraying the other person by talking to you. It needs to be someone you know your former girlfriend will listen to, someone they will let down their guard for.

You can also use a mutual friend as a means to communicate information back to the girl about yourself as well. You would want to focus on how miserable you feel without her and how if given another chance you’ll do whatever it takes to make things better this time around. Yeah, it might sound sappy, but you have to fall on the sword here.

Step 2-Try to get mutual friends to become your biggest campaigner to get your girlfriend back

If a girl won’t talk to you in person or answer your text after a month, then you need a mutual friend that’s going to be very convincing in getting her to cut you some slack here. It has to be someone who you know your girlfriend likes. Someone she is very open to and not going to be hostile towards. If they can do a good enough sell job, then your former girlfriend might be willing to speak with you via text or phone simply because the mutual friend convinces them to. This should be only after the first step has been performed though.

Step 3-Use social media to communicate with mutual friends and arrange meetings

Once again, if it’s been a month since you’ve been in contact with your girlfriend, then all of her friends don’t hate you yet and haven’t blocked you on their social media accounts.

The goal is going to be getting a mutual friend to invite you to something where you know the former girlfriend will be and no be resistant as a result. Take things slow here. You’re not going to get your girlfriend back instantly. The ultimate goal is to get her to give you an opportunity to win her back. Better for the window to be cracked open a little and opened inch by inch rather than being sealed shut forever.


How to get your girlfriend back after no contact if it’s been up to 3 months

Three months is a long time to not have been in contact with a girl that you used to be with. If it’s been this long than a lot is going to come down to whether or not it’s you who hasn’t made the effort to contact her or she just isn’t open to communicating with you. If it’s been this long, then you have to focus on just getting your foot back in the door.

Step 1-Use mutual friends to make sure she has your current contact info

Chances are if it’s been up to three months with no contact she deleted all your information or blocked you. After this time period emotions shouldn’t be all that high anymore. If it isn’t a problem for you see if you can use those same mutual friends to keep up with her current contact info. You must be able to make sure you have a lifeline to her.

Step 2-Focus on trying to get your former girlfriends to let you talk, not conversate

In some cases a girl has no interest in having a back and forth with you. The first two weeks is when she would just want to vent. If it’s been three months though you just need to hope you can get her to let you talk. This means she’s willing to listen. Think of it as calling someone on the phone to sell something and they don’t immediately hang up the phone on you. They’re giving you a chance to sell them. Any contact that you can establish just try to get the girl to take in what you have to say. Let it simmer for a while.

Step 3-Focus on becoming friends again first

In many cases you can’t hope to get a girl to give you a second chance right away. You have to get her to like you again first. Once you’ve managed to execute the first two steps here, then you’ll want to focus on just getting her to respond to you warmly again. You would want to use this as a chance to get her to hang out with you doing small stuff. Once you can become friends again, then you can escalate to seeing if there’s still a chance that the girl will want to try a relationship again.


If you want to get your girlfriend back after no contact for up to 6 months

Six months of no contact is a huge deal, because most would assume after this time period there’s little hope of salving a relationship. Here’s the thing guys, if it’s been this long you have to assume that a girl has moved on a little. Maybe she’s dated a few guys and none of them quite did it for her. Once again you will need to leverage any mutual friends or even family friends you might have in order to reestablish contact with the girl or keep up to date with contact info. This would include making sure she knows how she can contact you.

Step 1-Assume the girl has dated other guys in this time period and use it to your advantage

Once you were able to use mutual friends to establish contact, then make sure the message gets to her that you haven’t dated any other girls since or haven’t slept with any other girls (even if this isn’t the case). Girls want guys to suffer for them once the relationship has ended. They don’t want to believe you can move on so easily and this makes them feel like they are unique, not just another girl to you. If you can pull this off it shows you’re still hung up on her, and you’re feeding into how she wants you to feel. This is a good thing.

Step 2-Get a good mutual friend to be a go between for the two of you

The goal here has to be to communicate indirectly, because the girl might still feel too uncomfortable to talk face to face or over the phone just yet. If the two of you have several mutual friends (if it was a long term relationship then this should be the case) then there has to be someone she would communicate with you with. Leverage this to wear the girl down, meaning get her to warm-up to you and get rid of the awkwardness.

Step 3-Play off of whatever response you can get from the girl

This means if after up to six months of no contact you manage to reestablish contact with the girl and get any type of response, make sure you make the most out of it. It can be something as simple as her asking you what you are doing at the moment. Play off of it. Try to extend these interactions. Once a mutual friend is no longer the go between and any initial awkwardness has been relieved, then you’ll want to focus on getting comfortable with each other again. Once this happens more difficult conversations can be had, which will lead to questions about whether the relationship can be repaired.


If you want to get your girlfriend back after no contact of up to a year or more

If it’s been a year or more with no contact with your former girlfriend, then you have to focus on trying to have chance encounters with her. Chances are if it’s been this long, then even the mutual friend strategy isn’t going too well. The girl in question just might be hell bent to not give you another chance or even a window to change her mind. She almost certainly has dated other guys and will assume you’ve dated other girls.

Step 1-Think of all the places you used to go and try to make an effort to show up to them often

When you were together with your former girlfriend where did the two of you go a lot? Do you best to frequent these places, even if it’s going to cost you money. The more often you can do this the more you increase your probability of running into your ex. It can even be she likes to go to a certain library.

Anywhere you feel there’s a chance you can encounter her, you’ll need to position yourself to do this. Make sure you know exactly what to say to her in this case. The safe road would be asking what’s been going on in her life for the past year+. Any raw emotions she has should have subsided, at least to a certain point. Most of the time you can expect a response.

Step 2-Try the old school way of contacting people, physical mail.

Let’s say that you are having trouble with the chance encounter approach. Okay. So the goal her has to be to just get in contact with the girl anyway you can. Here’s an idea from the stone ages, but one that might work if you haven’t been in contact with a girl for a year+. Write her an actual, physical letter and mail it to her. Even if she’s moved the mail would be forwarded to her new address. A letter is more likely to be better received. It’s so much more personal than a text or phone call, which if it’s been this long aren’t options for you anyway.

A physical letter from you gives you a chance to say everything you want to say, give whatever information you want to give, and get a response in multiple ways (because you can leave current email, social media, phone numbers, etc.). In this day in age where everyone over relies on their smart phones, an actual piece of physical mail might be the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal. Keep in mind that if it’s been up to a year or more, the mutual friend idea has probably failed and you have no way of keeping current with the girl contact info. All you might have is her street address whether it’s current or not.

Step 3-if you get a response using the second step, then make the most out of it

If it’s been up to a year or longer since you’ve been in contact with your ex-girlfriend, then you have to assume she has moved on to a certain extent. If you try writing her a physical letter and she does respond, you have to use anything you can in order to get said girl to have a deeper conversation with you. After this time period the goal is to get to know each other again and try to figure out what it was that made you want to be in a relationship with each other in the first place. If you did something you shouldn’t have done, swallow your pride and take whatever she throws at you. Don’t get defensive or deflect (blame her).

Make sure she knows there hasn’t been anyone else in your life that comes close to her (even if this might not be true) and be sure to express that you still care about her and feel what you had is worth rekindling. It might take time, but if there are any feelings still there on her part, she’ll think about it at least.



Understand that relationships these days are built to fail. People have so many choices and with this being the case there’s less tolerance on both the girls and guys part. When breakups happen, for whatever reason they happen if it’s worth saving then you must be willing to fight for it. Guys who want their girlfriends back after certain periods of no contact have decided that the relationship is indeed worth fighting for. The question is can you convince the girl to feel the same way.

No matter how much technology changes or how much social media changes the way people communicate, women will always want to feel desired and valued. Genuine love and caring are rare to come by these days, so whatever period of time is needed to allow a girl to cool off or collect herself about things is needed then so be it. Just be willing to be proactive and not be easily deflated if you’re met with resistance at first when trying to contact a girl after a certain period of time. You can indeed win your girl back, no matter how much time has passed without contact between the two of you.

Useful Tips That Will Help You Get Your Ex Boyfriend back Fast!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, breakups happen and sometimes, we cannot do anything in order to prevent them. How many times have you asked yourself “How to get my ex-boyfriend back?”

In the first place, you should know that no situation is hopeless and many couples get back together every day – it is not only about real love, but also about a few strategies that can help you get your ex-boyfriend back regardless the circumstances of your breakup.

Your attitude matters at a great deal – be positive around him and never look like you are stuck in the past, among memories. Show your ex boyfriend that you are moving on with your life, that you are not that type of girl who begs for attention or reconciliation. Be strong and never let your emotions overwhelm you, so your ex boyfriend can feel comfortable around you. You only need ambition and perseverance – and never forget about patience!

First things first, why did you break up? When it comes to this matter, you will find a variety of reasons to break up a person, but is that reason strong enough to separate you? After all, disputes happen and even the happiest couples argue from time to time – it is something normal, something that needs to happen in order to strengthen your connection. You only need to apply a few psychology rules and follow the right sequence of your actions: you argue with your actual boyfriend, you break up, but you miss him and he misses you. Analogically, if you try to be close to him and get him back, your reconciliation will be intense, romantic and extraordinarily pleasurable.


Are you the person he has fallen in love with? You should know that love never dies – it is not something we say, but something that was said several times by reputable psychologists. If you are the person your ex has fallen in love with, then you can easily get him back in a short time. Be kind and positive around him, do not let him know you suffer or you are angry because of the breakup. Laugh, smile, try to be different in terms of clothes and appearance – do not look like you are stuck in the past, try to show him that you are moving on with your life that you are happy, that you are the person he has fallen in love with.

As simple as it might seem, the first words you say to your ex are very important and they cannot be neglected. If you do not say the right words, your chances of getting him back will decrease substantially. Do not start begging him to come back to you and start your relationship again – be warm, be kind, show him affection in a subtle way. His feelings for you might be exactly the same, but if you do not talk to him adequately, you will only manage to make him shrink away from you. Try to act similarly to the first moment when you have met him – it always works!

What about using the past in your advantage? It might be about a dress you have worn or a movie you have seen together, but try to find something that means a lot for both of you. If he appreciated one of your outfits at a point in the past, you should wear it again; if you watched “Terminator” or “Les Miserables” together, then you should watch it again. If you are going to meet him, choose a place where you used to feel good together – a bench in the park, a certain table in your favorite cafeteria, etc.

Ask your ex if he wants to do something nice together, like watching a football match or going to a pizza restaurant. Bear in mind that you have to opt for an activity he enjoys very much – this will show him that you really care and you know him very well. Sometimes, drinking a glass full of champagne or soda and eating a huge pizza together represents the most appropriate way to get your ex back, but you have to think carefully about something he really liked doing with you or by himself: miniature golf, a football match, a movie night, a trip to the mountain or, why not, bungee jumping.

Let him know that you thought of him – but in a very subtle way! If you had recently gone to a restaurant where you used to go together, send him an e-mail or a short SMS and tell him that you thought about him. It is not necessary to be too “sweet” or affectionate – be as kind as you can and try to keep the conversation light, so he does not feel somehow uncomfortable. Even though his feelings for you might be as intense as before, approaching an incorrect method to talk to him will only get him further away from you.

girl love beautiful
No man likes a woman who does not look after herself and does not behave… like a woman. This does not mean that you have to go to the spa everyday or take a bath twice per day. A change in your hairstyle and look, along with a long spa session every two weeks will be enough to make you look surprisingly good. Your ex boyfriend will definitely appreciate your change and, hence, the chances of getting him back will double.

Have you been neglecting yourself lately? This may be one of the reasons of your breakup, but even if it is not, you should always pay close attention to your appearance and try to improve it as much as possible. A long spa session will help you get everything just fine – aromatic baths, massages, facials, a change of your hairstyle and look, all of these will be enough to make your ex want you back. Plus, it is a good way to show him that you value yourself – this is another of psychologists’ advice: if you want to be valued by other people around you, you need to value yourself firstly.

The most important thing you have to do when asking yourself “How to get my ex back?” is being yourself. This might seem a stale piece of advice, but after all, your ex liked you because you were yourself and not someone he or other people wanted you to be. Ignore any rumors about you and do not think about the way other people perceive you. This is surely complicated, primarily because you live in a society and it is impossible not to meet anyone during one day’s time. However, do not try to be someone else just because your friends called you “silly,” “fat,” “stupid,” etc. Be happy and strong – these qualities are always appreciated by people, so your ex will definitely be impressed by your attitude and he might have some second thoughts about your breakup you never know what will happen in the future!

Five Steps That Can Help in Getting Back Ex-Girlfriend

You know the feeling that heartache. That terrible, sinking feeling that can only come when she says she needs some time or space away from you.

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, but you should know you’re not alone many men now feel and have felt the same way. What was once a great, happy, and flourishing relationship has come crashing down and suddenly feels like it is over. You can’t help but think is this goodbye forever?

This feeling is hard enough on the soul. But many times, the woman will decide that it’s time to move on, and start dating much sooner than the man is comfortable with. The feeling of knowing this can be the most heart wrenching of all.

You want to let go you really do. But, well, you don’t. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop thinking about her. And then, unfortunately, this feeling leads to too many men making a terrible mistake they beg and plead and get nowhere.

Of course, you probably know how it ends the woman decides that they can’t deal with this anymore and ends contact once and for all.

If you really want to get her back, you have to forget everything you think you know about winning her back and take on the specific approach that has been proven to work, time and time again.

End the pain and suffering. Stop the pleading, crying, and begging. Instead, learn how to get her back and keep her for good.

Avoid These At All Costs – A short list of things not to do

When you’re trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, you may feel compelled to do a few certain things that may actually end up pushing her away. You’ll feel like they’re the right thing to do at the time, but in reality, it is only making matters worse.

If you any desire to get her back, you’ll avoid these at all costs:

Calling her or emailing her constantly. There is a reason she ended the relationship. By continuing to call or email her, shell feel trapped, and shell end up doing something she doesn’t want to do severing all contacts with you. Chances are, the only reason shell do that is because shell feel like she doesn’t have any other choice. If you feel the urge to call her or email her, read this instead. It’ll tell you exactly what you should do.

Force her to make a choice. For the same reason that it’s not a good idea to be calling her constantly, if you tell her that she has to get back together or you’ll be gone forever, you’ll force her into a corner and more often than not, shell cut ties. The advice given in this book talks about what you should do to get her to make the choice that you want her to make.

Do nothing. Waiting at home to hear from her will not only drive you crazy, but it won’t work. At best, shell forget about you. At the worst, shell start dating someone else. But, as we’ve already talked about, you shouldn’t constantly call or pester her.

Don’t Use Thoughts Games To Get Back Together. Utilizing thoughts games to get your ex to want to get back with each other with you is by no means a great idea as this can only lead to much more issues. For example, making your ex jealous by dating another person just to get her to want to get back with each other with you by no means functions, as this will only push your ex to want to get even and date somebody else just to spite you, and the subsequent factor you know you both are already attempting to get even with 1 another. Avoid the thoughts games and just tackle the issues that you have straight and correctly.

So what should you do, then? You should take stock in knowing that there are plenty of proven ways you can go about getting her back here. You’re 100% guaranteed to get her back.

It is to be noted that it takes a lot of patience and creativity on the boy’s part to get back the ex girlfriend. It involves a lot of planning and takes some amount of time. Boys should note to portray their love and deep emotions which would certainly help in grabbing the attention of their ex lover and she would certainly return to your life.

Beg Her Back
If you chase her shell run away that much harder and then you’ll never be able to get your ex back. I don’t think that’s what you want. No matter how upset you are or how much you think you’re going to die with out her, you wont and the hurt will heal.

Five Tips to Win Her Back


#1 Get your butt off the couch

It’s no secret that we can all get sluggish, even more so than we like to admit. There’s no better time to stop this habit than now. Keeping active and exercising are both great ways to keep your wind off your ex. You can start with something as simple as light jogging or long walks. Join a gym or actually GO if you’re already a member somewhere. Grab a buddy for some moral support or take up a new sport. Avoid slumping around the house in front of the TV. Do up a schedule with yourself and others and stick to it.

#2 No Contact

Calling your girl, texting her, buying her flowers or gifts, following her around and almost everything else you can think of, will not work. One of the first things you really need to do is to keep your mouth shut and leave her alone  If you try to contact her before she gets over being mad you greatly decrease your chances of getting her back.

I know it’s hard but acting desperate wont get her back. Instead it will probably irritate her more than leaving her alone. Women and girls don’t really like guys who are desperate, they like men who are confident. Chasing, begging or pleading aren’t showing any confidence at all but absolute desperation and will never work. Besides the fact that those things make you look like a weak little beggar..

#3 Don’t let her walk all over you

This echoes the second point of showing her that you’re a confident and independent person who doesn’t NEED her in your life.

One of the things I’m not going to do is call her and beg her to take me back. Nor am I going to drive by her house or go to the places she always goes just so I can get a glimpse of her. Being a stalker or begging her to come back wont work and those are things you don’t want to do.

Don’t allow her to take advantage of you just because she knows you want her back. Be strong and ensure you establish some boundaries. Don’t forget, you’re no longer her boyfriend.

#4 Get down to the core of what she is REALLY saying

It’s frequently true that woman don’t really understand what they want but then again maybe you just don’t know how to listen to her. Sit back for a minute and think of the main reason why you broke up. Did you get the feeling that her reasons were truthful? Were some of the things she said strike a chord with you? Maybe now yo need to sit up and start paying attention. Appreciate where she was coming from and start an action plan to do something about it.

#5 Confidence – It’s important

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, “Women are drawn towards men who are confident”. Think about this for a moment, how much does this describe you? Before you start beating yourself up and thinking maybe you don’t have what she wants, give your head a shake and get real! If you’ve been getting lazy in some areas, put an end to it now and start getting back in control. Confidence is all about achieving things but most first and foremost ‘knowing’ that you’re someone who is able to even before you do. Take some time now to work on your own personal views and mindset.

Your ex-girlfriend will want to get back together if she sees that you’re better than anyone else in her life right now. At the same time, you also want to portray that you don’t ‘need’ her and you’re just fine without her. No girl is attracted to a man who is clingy or desperate.

After reading these, you can see why so many guys get it wrong. There are lots of ways it can go bad that you need to monitor closely. Do your best to avoid them at all costs and you’ll be heading in the right direction to getting her back.

What If She’s Dating Again?

Ethically Steal Her Back

Typically, women are a lot faster to move on after a breakup. They are able to put the past behind them, especially if they were the one who initiated the breakup. If this is the case, it is hard not to feel like you never mattered to her. You may even feel a little used or forgotten. You will definitely feel as if your chances are over. Don’t worry, they aren’t.

You first reaction will be to tell her that her new boyfriend isn’t right for her, or you’ll try to criticize the new boyfriend. Don’t. It will not help, and you’ll even find that shell start sticking up for him making the distance between you and her even greater.

Be very careful. She may call or email you and tell you all about her new boyfriend. If this is the case, the way you react will be absolutely crucial to your future with her. Because she is telling you about her new boyfriend, its most likely because she wants you back. The way you handle this will decide whether you actually do get her back or if you end up split apart for good.

If you take the right actions, shell beg you to take her back it’s happened thousands of times. Find out exactly what you should do, step-by-step, with this proven formula.

A Guaranteed Way To Get Her Back

If the woman you love has left you’ve probably been scouring the net looking for anything that can help to relieve the pain and reunite the two of you. Many of the stuff that you are finding will suggest you use the old tactics of sending her roses and apologizing for anything and everything. These simply don’t work. Maybe they did 50 years ago, but not anymore.

Text Your Ex Back is different. It gets to the root of the problem and helps you correct it. It shows you exactly what you can change today to ensure that you get her back as soon as possible.

One of the benefits of this particular program is that it works regardless of the reason for the break-up. It doesn’t matter if she was interested in someone else, if you were fighting over money or if she just needed her “space.” You’ll quickly realize that the reasons behind the end of the relationship pale in comparison to what you can do now.

You are also going to learn secrets about how women think and how to use that to your advantage when it comes to getting her back.

The author, Michael Fiore, gives you a step-by-step guaranteed plan for getting her back. There’s no guesswork, you can’t mess it up – you just follow the steps and you’ll have her back – it’s that simple.

If you truly want a future with your ex girlfriend, Text Your Ex Back will give you the best chance. It’s guaranteed. See for yourself.

Do Women Really Want That Nice Guy?

Friend Zone
Every year, countless young men find themselves trapped in the Friend Zone, a prison where women place any man they deem worthy of their time but not their hearts, men they’d love to have dinner with but, for whatever reason, don’t want to kiss goodnight.

I think a lot of women don’t even know how to answer this question. They have an understanding of what they like and dislike but sometimes those things contradict each other.

Here’s a fascinating thought – “What women want and what they’re attracted to, are not always the same thing”.

Women think they want someone who has a good sense of humor, who’s affectionate, unselfish and so on, but strangely enough most times, this ‘nice guy’ falls into the ‘friend’ trap. She has no real ATTRACTION towards him.


I know a whole heap of guys who are locked in with this ‘nice guy’ image. It’s like having a curse upon them.

What it really comes down to is confidence in ATTRACTING women and NOT befriending them. The two are clearly poles apart.

The way men look at women is much different to the way women view men. In most cases, men consider all female friends as a possible partner in bed. Women however, DON’T think this way.

Women place men in either the ‘attracted’ or ‘not attracted’ group. But here’s the kicker, attracted can be created even if visually a man does not appeal to a woman.

After the initial ‘looks’ factor fades, women will look for these things in a man:

  1. Security – can he offer this, either financially or emotionally?
  2. Connection – Is there only lust, or is there a deeper connection? Are there similar interests, hobbies or passions?
  3. Attraction – again, not always physical but, is he confident? Is he secure, does he like himself? Does he ‘lead’ while you’re out in a public place?
  4. Intimacy – is he loving? Is he too clingy? Is he selfish in bed?

Women will be drawn more towards a man who is confident, but what they really want is a guy who is secure in his own skin and is able to step up and be HER MAN in the relationship.

In her eyes, a worthy man is able to protect her and who tries to always make her happy even when she IS happy. Someone who is always working towards a better relationship.

What she doesn’t want is someone who gets lazy and stops trying to ‘wow’ her. Similarly, she does not want a guy who is clingy and insecure all the time.

She wants and need a MAN!

Yes you need to know how to ‘pick up’ women but you also need to know what KEEPS her around.

How to Win Ex Girlfriend Back After She Dumped You

Dumped by Girlfriend
If your girlfriend dumped you you have to get a plan to get her back, not just wander around aimlessly hoping shell return.

So, your girlfriend dumped you, did she? Well, it really sucks now, but don’t worry, you’re in good company. Not that it makes it any easier, but thousands of guys every day end up in the same predicament that you are in now. For some guys whose girlfriends dumped them, understanding how to win their ex girlfriend back can be a major problem.

That is why you need a specific plan to win your ex girlfriend back. You cant just muddle around, not knowing what to do and hope shell return. To be honest without a specific plan, most likely you’ll never figure out how to get her back. If you’re one hundred percent sure that you want to win your ex girlfriend back, then your first job is to read through this article and immediately do what most other guys don’t; take action. Its like any other worthwhile endeavor in life, you need to take some action or you’ll get no results.

You’ll definitely get nowhere if you don’t stop and think about what you’re doing. You can make all the grand gestures you want to, but that is only a good way to lose your ex girlfriend forever. Stop buying her those expensive gifts. All you’re doing is running up your credit card balance, and making it even less likely you’ll ever get her back. You’ll end up alone and deeper in debt.

Break off all communication with your ex and leave her alone. Don’t text her, IM her, Skype her, call her cell, send her love letters, post on her Facebook page, or comment on her blog. Are you getting the picture? She dumped you for a reason. If you want to win your ex girlfriend back, constantly trying to communicate with her and giving her gifts will drive her away. So accept that by leaving you she has expressly and physically demonstrated her need for some time and space on her own and honor that. That is the first step to getting her back.

Instead, spend the time away from her thinking about what went wrong and what was your role in the breakup. Don’t delude yourself, you played a role in it, even if it was predominantly her doing. If it was truly 100% her fault, you should reevaluate weather or not the relationship with her was a good idea in the first place. If you made a mistake or a series of mistakes that caused the breakup, don’t waste time beating yourself up and feeling sorry for yourself. Instead take a long hard look at your behavior and take the necessary steps to change whatever needs changing.

Do you have anger management issues? If you do then seriously consider talking to a professional right away. They can help you cope with this and find different ways of expressing anger that do not threaten or cause harm. If that was a contributing factor to the breakup, your anger problems was no doubt making your ex feel less than secure when she was with you.

Are you struggling with trust issues to the point that you were constantly wanting to know where your ex girlfriend was and who she was with? Are you the jealous type. If so then there are two possibilities. Either you are overly suspicious by nature, and naturally mistrust people, or you choose women that don’t deserve to be trusted.

Either of these problems should be addressed. Work on building up your own self-esteem and self-confidence, because usually that is what is missing in cases like these. If you constantly find yourself in relationships with less than trustworthy women, than you need to evaluate your relationships and the type of women you date more carefully before you begin them.

Did you find yourself cheating on her even though you loved her? Well then take the time to find out why you were doing that and what you can do to stop temptation when it next comes along.

The truth is whatever the reason she walked out on you, to win ex girlfriend back you’re going to have to do some serious and some honest and sincere work. This sort of thing is never easy, and there will be emotional pain involved. If she has gone as far as walking out, then a flimsy gesture to get her back wont work. Believe her actions: she is ready to put your relationship on the line if things don’t change, and soon.

fighting with your woman

Depending on your specific situation, there may be more hope to get her back than you think.

Did you know that although she may be really angry with you, or she may be really jealous, but that’s actually a good thing. Really, that is welcome, because it means that she still has enough feelings about you to feel something, even if it is a negative emotion.

Trust me, if she’s mad or jealous you’re far better off than if she truly doesn’t give a damn about you one way or the other. Your chances of getting back together with her are significantly lower if any feelings for you have completely left her. So think of this as the proverbial silver lining. She still has some emotional attachment to you, other wise she wouldn’t be angry.

Obviously, having her mad isn’t an optimum situation, but its far from the worst scenario. The worst scenario of you’re trying for a reunion is for her to have completely extinguished her feelings like a tub of ice water on a campfire. Once  a woman has done that your chances are slim to get back together with her in any romantic capacity.

Getting a girl back, weather she is your wife or girlfriend is far from impossible, but it is an undertaking that can require special understanding and commitment in order to be successful.

So I’ve come up with a small plan to get her back. With just three steps I should be able to do that.

Step 1: Re establish communication
This is probably the hardest step. But, as they always say, the first step is always the hardest. She’s probably removed my contact number in her mobile device and removed all semblance of my existence in her life. Still, I have to try. Maybe I’ll pass by her office one of these days and smile at her and probably give her a wave. Now we don’t want to be too obvious about it so I really have to make sure these events happen in a pretty random manner. I don’t want to come out like a stalker right?

Maybe I should also start becoming friends with her friends again and send out a few feelers to see if she’s okay with hanging out in a group.

As soon as she’s comfortable having me around every now and then, it should give me enough chance to start a conversation which will lead to Step 2.

Step 2: Forgive and Forget
This is a big obstacle because over the course of our relationship we allowed the small things to snowball and pile up. I wish it was simple to say things can easily be forgiven and forgotten but we will have to hash things out and come up with a resolution. Things can get ugly at this point but it’s essential to get over this in order to move on to the third step.

The worst that could happen is that she’d end up bitter and definitely committed to having me out of her life. The most I can wish for right now is this step will lead back to friendship.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Step 3: Bring back the Romance
If everything goes as planned we should be able to get back together as friends at this stage. This is where all the things we found appealing to one another should be reintroduced with a little bit of spontaneity added to it. I’ll probably end up spending a whole lot of money just to do that but then she’s totally worth it.

If she loves walks in the park, go walk with her. If she loves shopping and you always grumbled while tagging along, why not show a little enthusiasm right? The key is to continue surprising her and pleasing her to bring her back to the mindset when she originally loved you for who you were and not for how things turned out in your relationship.

In the end, to get your ex back all you really have to do is get back to the point where you both start talking again and remind each other why you were so madly in love in the first place.

Okay so all I have to do is follow all three steps and that should be my answer to “How to get my ex back”.
What do you think?