Useful Tips That Will Help You Get Your Ex Boyfriend back Fast!


Let’s be honest with ourselves, breakups happen and sometimes, we cannot do anything in order to prevent them. How many times have you asked yourself “How to get my ex-boyfriend back?”

In the first place, you should know that no situation is hopeless and many couples get back together every day – it is not only about real love, but also about a few strategies that can help you get your ex-boyfriend back regardless the circumstances of your breakup.

Your attitude matters at a great deal – be positive around him and never look like you are stuck in the past, among memories. Show your ex boyfriend that you are moving on with your life, that you are not that type of girl who begs for attention or reconciliation. Be strong and never let your emotions overwhelm you, so your ex boyfriend can feel comfortable around you. You only need ambition and perseverance – and never forget about patience!

First things first, why did you break up? When it comes to this matter, you will find a variety of reasons to break up a person, but is that reason strong enough to separate you? After all, disputes happen and even the happiest couples argue from time to time – it is something normal, something that needs to happen in order to strengthen your connection. You only need to apply a few psychology rules and follow the right sequence of your actions: you argue with your actual boyfriend, you break up, but you miss him and he misses you. Analogically, if you try to be close to him and get him back, your reconciliation will be intense, romantic and extraordinarily pleasurable.


Are you the person he has fallen in love with? You should know that love never dies – it is not something we say, but something that was said several times by reputable psychologists. If you are the person your ex has fallen in love with, then you can easily get him back in a short time. Be kind and positive around him, do not let him know you suffer or you are angry because of the breakup. Laugh, smile, try to be different in terms of clothes and appearance – do not look like you are stuck in the past, try to show him that you are moving on with your life that you are happy, that you are the person he has fallen in love with.

As simple as it might seem, the first words you say to your ex are very important and they cannot be neglected. If you do not say the right words, your chances of getting him back will decrease substantially. Do not start begging him to come back to you and start your relationship again – be warm, be kind, show him affection in a subtle way. His feelings for you might be exactly the same, but if you do not talk to him adequately, you will only manage to make him shrink away from you. Try to act similarly to the first moment when you have met him – it always works!

What about using the past in your advantage? It might be about a dress you have worn or a movie you have seen together, but try to find something that means a lot for both of you. If he appreciated one of your outfits at a point in the past, you should wear it again; if you watched “Terminator” or “Les Miserables” together, then you should watch it again. If you are going to meet him, choose a place where you used to feel good together – a bench in the park, a certain table in your favorite cafeteria, etc.

Ask your ex if he wants to do something nice together, like watching a football match or going to a pizza restaurant. Bear in mind that you have to opt for an activity he enjoys very much – this will show him that you really care and you know him very well. Sometimes, drinking a glass full of champagne or soda and eating a huge pizza together represents the most appropriate way to get your ex back, but you have to think carefully about something he really liked doing with you or by himself: miniature golf, a football match, a movie night, a trip to the mountain or, why not, bungee jumping.

Let him know that you thought of him – but in a very subtle way! If you had recently gone to a restaurant where you used to go together, send him an e-mail or a short SMS and tell him that you thought about him. It is not necessary to be too “sweet” or affectionate – be as kind as you can and try to keep the conversation light, so he does not feel somehow uncomfortable. Even though his feelings for you might be as intense as before, approaching an incorrect method to talk to him will only get him further away from you.

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No man likes a woman who does not look after herself and does not behave… like a woman. This does not mean that you have to go to the spa everyday or take a bath twice per day. A change in your hairstyle and look, along with a long spa session every two weeks will be enough to make you look surprisingly good. Your ex boyfriend will definitely appreciate your change and, hence, the chances of getting him back will double.

Have you been neglecting yourself lately? This may be one of the reasons of your breakup, but even if it is not, you should always pay close attention to your appearance and try to improve it as much as possible. A long spa session will help you get everything just fine – aromatic baths, massages, facials, a change of your hairstyle and look, all of these will be enough to make your ex want you back. Plus, it is a good way to show him that you value yourself – this is another of psychologists’ advice: if you want to be valued by other people around you, you need to value yourself firstly.

The most important thing you have to do when asking yourself “How to get my ex back?” is being yourself. This might seem a stale piece of advice, but after all, your ex liked you because you were yourself and not someone he or other people wanted you to be. Ignore any rumors about you and do not think about the way other people perceive you. This is surely complicated, primarily because you live in a society and it is impossible not to meet anyone during one day’s time. However, do not try to be someone else just because your friends called you “silly,” “fat,” “stupid,” etc. Be happy and strong – these qualities are always appreciated by people, so your ex will definitely be impressed by your attitude and he might have some second thoughts about your breakup you never know what will happen in the future!

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If you want to become a hero in the game of love, you will need to develop thoughts like that of a poker player. You will have to accept the situation no matter if it is pleasant or not. When the poker player loses any games, he does not feel bad but strives towards winning. Similarly in your worst situation that your ex is seeing someone else, you should not get crestfallen but rather should be determined to allure her towards you.

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